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Problems with me or my MeLuna--leakage?

Ok so I agonized over which cup to start try back in May...37, no kids, 2 days of heavy flow--leakage with both pads and Instead (cannot use tampons), long canal, sensitive, and fairly narrow accd to my ob's tool selection & the length of time it takes him to insert.  My sister and I (who have similar issues though I have a heavier flow) both ordered MeLunas....she the medium and I the large.

I have used it for 2 cycles now and I have the exact same leakage issue that I have with Instead & worse swelling issues.  I had leakage on every day I tried it, though to be fair I only tried on heavy flow days.  My sister does not have this problem with hers.  I assumed I had this problem with Instead because it was one size fits all & there is really no seal.  It just relies on the big width of it's rim to cover what it needs to cover.

Instead also sits cock-eyed in the body with one rim behind the cervix and the other rim braced on the pubic bone, so perhaps the leakage from this is caused by the fact that in that position there is no way to *fill* the cup per se but it would only be able to hold what the lower end would hold........and in addition of course there is no seal. 

My MeLuna leakage baffles me especially since it sits mostly upright and it the large capacity one.  I can only assume it is not in correctly.  The only way I could get it inserted the first cycle was using the punch down fold, but I couldn't really tell if it opened all the way. Plus it is hard to hold the fold for as long as I need to get it inserted.  It has to stay folded to past my pubic bone as I am very narrow to that point, and I've been inserting it so that the ball end sits just above my pubic bone.  I did run my finger around it as high up as I could reach but it was barely above the grips along the bottom.  Nothing still felt folded there, but again that isn't a given that the rim is fully popped open.........I didn't feel anything that led me to believe it was popped open or anything to lead me to believe it wasn't.

After about 8 hours I had some spotting so I emptied it.......didn't appear at all full though it was a bear to remove so it isn't like I was able to take it out and check the capacity as it was spilling into toilet during removal.  It didn't ever leak right away, but definitely much sooner than I expected to have to deal with it.

With one insertion it HURT fairly badly where the ball end hit up against something........seriously shocking but I did get it inserted again finally.

Because it is inserted so high, I have to really reach up to get it back out....easily as bad as Instead, which you hook a finger under the rim that is braced against your pubic bone.  Yesterday when I was removing it at about 7 hours there was so much swelling that 1 finger was all I could get in.  I can't pull it out by the ball w one finger, so I have to dig that finger into the cup between the grips and try to depress it enough to break the seal--which honestly I am not sure is fully forming as it was spotting a bit the entire the time I took it out both times, I was REALLY glad I'd worn a entire pad with it instead of just a panty liner.  I was sitting at a convention all day and only had breaks as options to check it, but I wasn't very happy with how it performed.  This cycle being much worse than cycle #1 which I assumed wasn't that great due to learning curve.

Again it could be a problem with me as I do not know how to tell if it is inserted correctly.  I do know that pouring it out and dealing with a FULLY bloody hand in a public restroom was a PAIN AND A HALF.  Fortunately I brought a bottle of water in with me and was able to clean everything up before reinsertion and rinse my hand off enough not to gross out anyone else in there.

SO FAR having a cup has not been a big plus to me :(   Yesterday I used the punch down fold originally because I hadn't been able to get the C fold to insert when I'd tried before.  Though I had swollen a hour later when I pulled it out and tried again (I figured it wasn't in right since it was leaking right away) I forced myself to use the C fold since I hoped I could tell if it popped open.   I think it did but again I couldn't be sure as it is so high up.  The C fold was VERY hard to insert but I forced it because I wanted to be sure it was open since I wasn't going to have bathroom access for hours at a time.  Due to how hard it is to remove, I have to assume it was sealed, yet it leaked........A LOT.  

I inserted at 5 am and reinserted (because of leakage) about 6 or 6:30am.  I reinserted around 1:15pm and it was leaking a lot, then due to factors outside my control wasn't able to empty it till 11pm.  Should have been ok at only 10 hours, but I had a COMPLETELY full to the point of needing an immediate pad change also at that point.  I had checked it around 5:30pm, and there was some of the same spotting that had been occuring all day but I was in a public bathroom with no water with me, so I didn't empty.  I am sure by 11pm when I took it out that it was had a fullness issue, but I can't see why I should have also had a completely full to the point of leakage pad at that point to.

HELP!!  Suggestions?  I have considered that maybe I bought the wrong cup for me, but I haven't learned anything from it that points me to the right cup for me.  I did fortunately get a deal on it, but due to the cost of cups I don't want to play trial and error with buying cups and not liking them.  I think it wouldn't be a good idea to get a firmer one as this one causes so much swelling, but it is a soft MeLuna and I don't think there are many softer options.  Plus I see removal being a bear with any of them since I am sooo narrow once I get it past my pubic bone, and it isn't like I can refold it to get it out. 

I like the IDEA of a cup so much especially for those unexpected times that your cycle hits when you are travelling, but this weekend was a DEFINITE FAIL.  And cycle 1 when I was at home was at least a 1/2 fail. Can anyone tell where it is going so wrong?!!?
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