sushilover314 (sushilover314) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Will this happen when the menstrual cup is inserted correctly?

My friend, an experienced and devoted menstrual cup user, told me that the only time she leaked while using the menstrual cup was when she jumped out of bed very quickly (from lying down to standing up) one morning, causing the contents inside the cup to move down and make the suction of the cup to break. My question is : when the menstrual cup is  inserted correctly, should this happen? I'm worried because i often jump out of bed like that too, and am a cheerleader who does many cartwheels and back flips. do you it was just that the cup was not opened entirely, because I know that the lady cup is the softest cup and the hardest to open when inserted. When opened entirely and inserted correctly, should the menstrual cup leak even when there is a considerable amount of contents inside, and the person wearing was to move form lying to stand up very very quickly? Please share some of your personal experiences on this topic, too. thanks so much
Tags: leakage & spotting, sleeping

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