Fleen (fleen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Danger or risk associated with cup covering cervix?

Hi all, I am a first time DivaCup user who is a bit confused about some conflicting information. I am not experiencing any pain or problems at all with my new size 1 DivaCup, I can't feel it, no irritation etc, but I do notice that as my cervix is sitting lower than the girl in the diagrams, the top of the cup covers my cervix, and the stem is in exactly the right place just at the opening, no irritation etc.

If that is safe and normal then I'm fine with that, but some of you say you try and avoid the cup covering the cervix and others say that the goal is for the cup to cover the cervix. The DivaCup website seems to just ignore the issue, saying that the cup sits below the cervix and not up against it, but from the stories I have read, that is not the case for some women.

I haven't yet found any posts that say WHY you should avoid covering the cervix. Are there health risks? So my question is, what dangers could be associated with the DivaCup, or any other brand, covering the cervix during use? And/or, why do you, menstrual cup user, try to avoid your menstrual cup from covering your cervix?

Thanking you in advance. Love this community and all the information I have already found!

Tags: health risks
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