kiwismoothie3 (kiwismoothie3) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Will model 2 cups, particularly the Lunette, work for young virgins?

HI, I'm currently using the model 1 Lunette right now, and I find that It overflows quicker than I would like it to. The lunette website and almost all the other cup brand websites reccomends the smaller model for young virgins. I'm 18 years old. Inserting and removing the model 1 is painful for me. I am asking about the Lunette in particular because I know that the brand makes their bigger model with a stiffer silicone than their smaller model. Does a stiffer material make it hurt more and/or more difficult to insert and remove for young virgins? Also, I bought the model 1 particularly because I thought that my cervix was low just because I'm short. But i discovered that even during my period, I can't touch my cervix when I stick a finger up there. So do you think the Lunette model 2 would work for me? I know i should just get it to know the answer, but I'm tight on money and I don't know want to waste money on another cup unless I do more Heracles to know that it would most likely work for me. Are there any young virgins out there using the larger cups that companies offfer? If so , please share your experiences. Also, please tell me the brand and model of cup you use or have used. please also share any tips/suggestions/experiences with me relating to this topic. Thanks!
Tags: age, buying decisions, sizes/size issues

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