nyarmers (lost_starlight) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup Lost... and then found, a year later

Sometimes I can be a bit of an idiot.

Last summer/fall, I lost my Diva Cup. I was traveling for awhile and it was lost in the shuffle. I recently found it in a zippable bucket full of toiletries, and as you can guess, it isn't looking super-sanitary. It doesn't look broken or like the silicone is degraded in any way, but who knows if I even really washed it before I put it in that toiletries case! The cup is now five years old.

Is it still usable? I really miss my Diva Cup and hate tampons, and am also super cheap and don't want to buy a new one (this is what Americorps does to a person- it makes them contemplate putting gross things in sensitive places, in order to not spend $25). Right now it's in a hydrogen peroxide/water soak, but is it ever going to get bacteria free and really clean? Help!
Tags: cleaning

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