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Well, for the first time...

I bought a green donna and a small ladycup from a user over at mc_sales. I got it today and since I was nearing the end of my period, I decided to give the lady cup a test run. Used the punch down fold, I think, and I inserted it. The insertion was fine, but when it suddenly popped open prematurely... ow! I pushed it a bit up and it was fine. But when I stood up to walk to the kitchen to make some lunch, the stem was very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if that's because my cervix lowered a bit because I was nearing the end of my period or what.

I returned to the bathroom to take it out so I can trim the already-trimmed cup a bit more. Taking it out was a bit painful, because I had no idea how to unsuction it and it was hard to stick two fingers up there to pull it out. Not that painful, I felt worse, but I was happy that there was blood in the cup. Trimmed it, stuck it back in, and it was better, but the stem was still irritating my labia. I'm guessing the cup moved around or something, because it's barely noticeable now. I'll be wearing it even after my period is over, so I can get over the learning curve. Going to college next month, so I want to get it down right instead of freaking out in one of the communal bathrooms, ha ha.

All in all, I like it! A lot! I hate pads and they get stinky when you forget about them. I'm happy that the cups can stay in for double the amount of times I usually leave a pad in [two/four versus eight on heavy days]. Looking forward to my next period [weird] so I can see how it'll hold up when I'm on my heavier days. I was surprised how small and cute these cups were when I held them in my hands. Definitely a future cup lover here. [:
Tags: first time use, green donna, lady cup
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