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First Use... Too Easy?

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to tell you all about my first go at using my new Diva Cup. It wasn't a dry run since I did have my period, but it was sort of a "junior" try, I think, since my flow was very nearly coming to a stop. I thought I would just go ahead and wait until my next cycle to try out my Diva, but when I ran out of tampons and dreaded the idea of going to bed wearing a small pad, I decided to be brave and try my cup.

I used the push/punch down method to insert and I was very careful about it. I thought I would feel it open, but I didn't. I worried that it wasn't in right, but it felt okay, and running my finger up the side of the cup assured me that everything was normal. Still dubious, I stood up and took a few ridiculous, pants-less paces round the bathroom to see how everything felt. I couldn't feel it at all. I shrugged my shoulders and went on with my evening.

Bed time was normal, although I did catch myself thinking about my Diva several times, wondering if it was putting too much pressure on my bladder. I felt the stem once or twice as well, but it wasn't bad, and I'm not planning on cutting it until I have more experience in case it was just oddly positioned.

In the morning, I was approaching eleven hours of wear, so I decided to take a lot of time to patiently remove it. The cup seemed to have migrated up a little bit, which I've read (from here) is normal, and I had to bear down a little bit to reach the stem. I was SUPER paranoid at this point because I have an IUD, and I didn't want to accidentally yank it out (side note: I've had my IUD for 13 months and have grown very attached to it). I tried pinching the base of the cup, but I didn't feel anything different happening, so I assumed the seal was not broken. I relaxed and brought my finger all the way up to the rim of the cup and pushed it inward. I still didn't really feel anything, but since there was no resistance when I pulled the cup out, I think I did it right. And there it was! Just a tiny pool of blood in the cup. I was shocked at how easy it seemed to be to use!

Oh, and in case anyone is curious, my IUD check after I removed the cup was normal.

So what do y'all think? Does anything in my story sound funny, or is using the cup really just that simple? I wish I could practice more but I'll have to wait until next month. I never thought I would ever want my period to continue for an extra day! :P
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