Coral Redgate (coralredgate) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Coral Redgate

need some Ladycup advice

i have just bought a Pink LadyCup and recieved it today, i'm trying it on a dry run just to see what the fit is like and it seems to be a good fit compared to my previous mooncup uk and medium meluna soft cup, but i was just wondering if you had any advice on ensuring that the cup has good suction/seal because i cant seem to twist it because its a much 'glossier' material than my others and so therefore is kind of too slipperly to get grip. any advise on this? i really want this cup to be 'the one' because this is the 4th cup i've tried and am getting to the end of my teather. thanks.
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion, lady cup, popping open, seal & suction
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