simplify03 (simplify03) wrote in menstrual_cups,

If only menstrual cups can last at least 24 hours ....

I've tried the lunette small and was very excited until i discovered that it leaked this morning. I had left the cup in for 17 hours, leaving my panties covered in red. I left it in or so long because I thought maybe it could last for 24 hours. If the cup could last for 24 hours, that would be AWESOME!! That's because I only want to empty and reinsert in the shower (which I'm so glad I did because this morning, i spilled while removing because it hurt so much. I would have ruined my parents' marble tiles and bathmat if i didn't do in the shower!)

So my questions are:
1). Have you tried leaving the cup in for at least 24 hours before? If so, did it leak?
2). is leaving the cup in for 24 hours safe? Do you think it will increase my chances of TSS?
3). Have you ever spilled during removal? What are some ways to prevent spillage during removal?
4). Do you think emptying and reinserting only in the shower is practical? Do you do that?
5). Does it smell when you remove your cup? 
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