blenderx (blenderx) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cervix issues

I use a lunette and I have noticed that after using it, my cervix seems like it is pulled down lower and is definitely 'puffy'. It seems quite swollen when using it, but after I've taken it out for a few hours to a day, it goes back to normal. I've found a few other posts in this community of people stating the same thing, but no real answers. Could this cause problems? I'm very uneasy about it.

To be clear, I'm not interested in hearing that the cervix changes throughout the cycle... I use NFP and check my cervix several times a day throughout my cycle and have for some time. This is definitely an issue directly related to the use of the cup.

Anybody? This is especially concerning to me because I may have an 'incompetent' cervix and don't want to cause any harm that may affect future pregnancies.
Tags: cervix position
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