simplify03 (simplify03) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So happy to finally be able to get the lunette in! It hurted so much! Will it get easier?

After so much pain, I finally got the small lunette in and inserted correctly!! (Or at least i think it is inserted correctly. I feel like there is something inside of me sometimes, especially when sitting. Do you think it's just the stem? There is so leakage so far)

Anyways, my question is : will the insertion get easier? Will my vagina stretch as I use the lunette more and more often? because i heard that menstrual cups are so flexible that they don't stretch the vagina. But if my vagina doesn't stretch, then insertion will hurt like *&^%$ every time! I actually don't mind if my vagina stretches. Also, even if the vagina stretches, won't it go back to its original size when next month's monthly call come, and insertion will again be painful and difficult?

My vagina opening is so small, it even hurts to insert a finger in! Did yours used to be like this, or is it still like this? Also, which folding method do you think is best for small virgin vaginas/beginners?
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, virginity

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