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I really want to use menstrual cups! A little help? :)

 Hey there!
I was just looking through these forums and stuff because i was considering purchasing a menstrual cup. I have never had success with tampons, because they...disgust me...but i know for a fact i can insert one finger into my vagina, and i have never tried to insert two. i think that a menstrual cup would work for me because you can fold them to be quite small and you can lubricate them unlike dry tampons; plus they are a lot better/healthier for your body.
I'm almost 15, I'm a virgin, I just started my period a little while ago, and i'm stuck in between a few different types of menstrual cups. I would really like to welcome and encourage anyone who would be willing to draw on personal experience and tell me what they think of their menstrual cup, particularly if they have the Ladycup, Lunette, Yuuki, Meluna, or Miacup. Or if they have more than one of those to compare, that would be even better! The cups listed above are just the ones i was considering, i looked at pretty much EVERY other brand of cup and these just seemed like the best to me. 

I've done A LOT of research, so i really don't want a whole bunch of links to different sites where i can do more research, because i've narrowed it down to these brands of cups from the research i've done, now all i really want is personal experience and testimonials! These are the link to where i got the most of my info:
and of course:

I was originally going to just go ahead and get the Ladycup, but the Lunette is cheaper, and there's a lot more options than i even knew about! I like the ladycup, lunette, and meluna because they seem really good, and on top of that they come in all sorts of different colors...yes -- i am that superficial :) No, but really i just want it to look a little bit more like a cute little thing than a necessary medical item! the miacup does come in purple, but i really want a blue one...and the Yuuki only comes in clear, which is good...but just not as cute! :)

I want the cup to be soft and easy to insert, and i've heard the softest is the ladycup. some people have recommended the lunette as the best choice for a beginner's cup. I also want to make sure i have enough capacity where i don't have to change it all school day; if that's not possible, i would only want to change it 1-2 times AT THE MOST. i don't know what my flow is really, i guess it's pretty regular? i wear regular pads and on a normal/heavy day (which is about 2 days out of every period) I change my pad about 4-5 times, usually they don't need to be changed, i just like to be really clean. In fact, i could probably change my pads half as much as i do and still be fine, i just like to change them more often. i want a cup to be really comfortable and hardly noticeable, i want it to be very easy to insert and remove (i'm a virgin and still very young so my vaginal muscles are really tight), i also want one that doesn't leak, because i will mainly be using it when i exercise and swim.

Please offer up some suggestions and helpful hints? It would be REALLY appreciated!
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