khmillis (khmillis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need someone to tell me which to get...for my sister

My sister's b-day is coming up and I'm getting her one.  I asked her.  She was interested, but embarrassed.  She'll be 19 on her birthday, with no children.  She is too uncomfortable to check her cervix, etc and has a medium flow (she believes).  I'm torn between buying the Small Diva (which is much less expensive, but much longer, which could be a problem if she has a crazy low cervix like I do...even though we're not blood related, but she IS short, like that makes a difference...onward:) and the Lunette Small (which is much more expensive, and I don't have much money to spend, but I like that it's quite a bit shorter, same squishiness as the Diva, and holds almost as much).  Votes please? 
P.S.  I also plan to send her an e-mail with this board as a reference for when she gets it and wants some anon advice.
Tags: buying decisions

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