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Travel Concerns

Hi again. So I know I have asked a number of questions but I have yet another one. It is more about me being concerned than anything. I might be traveling in August around the same time I will be getting my period. Now, I did not think anything of it till I was talking to my mom. My mom is very much against me wearing a menstrual cup, because she has all these ill-informed and baseless opinions about it and refuses to listen to me explain to her about it. For the most part, she speaks very little about it, but there is the occasional passive aggressive comment which I just ignore.

 However, the other day she was asking whether I was concerned about going through the security scanner while wearing the diva cup. She thought the people there might view the cup as something concerning. She then went on to mention some incidents with a woman taken aside for wearing a pad, and an elderly woman for wearing a adult diaper. I have to admit though I know my mom is very bias, I am concerned because not many people might know about the cup, and might view it as suspicious. But I figured many women in this community have probably worn a menstrual cup while travelling and everything went fine. So I am going back and forth between going paranoid, and trying to be reassuring. So I guess I am just posting to ask for reassurance that there is nothing to be concerned about, or if there is reason to be concern (which I hope is not the case).

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