xbabymakes3x (xbabymakes3x) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I've had a few periods since I had my daughter 13 months ago and they are horrible!  Worse than I ever remember.  I'm wanting a cup but still undecided as to which one I should get.  I'm having serious issues with tampons and am so ready to make a decision.  The first few days of my period are the worst.  I have so much pressure and it's terrible uncomfortable.  I think the tampons make it worse.  And what is super strange to me is the first ~2 days, when I go to change my tampon, it will be up-side dow (as in the string is inside me)??? I thought it was a flook the first time it happened, but it has done that several times now. I am pretty frugal and am scared to "waste" money on a cup that might not work.  I've been checking on Amazon and they have the Diva $24, Lunette $45, The Keeper $24, and Moon cup $24.
Tags: buying decisions, postpartum

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