daney_0812 (daney_0812) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mourning loss of first menstrual cup :(

Today at work, I was emptying my Diva cup into the toilet and it slipped and fell in! Gah! I was going to reach in and get it, but the water was all murky with blood and toilet paper and I didn't want to reach into the disgusting fastfood restaurant toilet if I couldn't see what I was going for. That grosses me out a little too much. I did reach in and move around some of the TP to see if I could see it, but I couldn't. I vainly hoped it would be too big/floaty to flush down so I went ahead and flushed but it was gone, gone, gone. I'm so sad, it was my first menstrual cup and it's gone. I have been wanting to try a different brand, so maybe this has as silver lining. I kind of want to buy another Diva just so I can have one of my first kind.

While I'm here, I think a small Lunette is what I should get, but I wanna see what y'all think. I'm a virgin, 21, very low cervix, heavy flow. My cervix sits down inside of my small diva cup which causes it to leak when it's about half full. I've looked at the size charts and I think a small Lunette would be good for me. What do y'all think/suggest?


Tags: divacup, lunette, sizes/size issues

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