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Absurdly low cervix. anyone else have this issue?

Long story short:  I woke up at 4:00 this morning and had started my period.  It sure does explain a lot the last two weeks!  (My cycles are still regulating, even though Baby was born 18 months ago and it's been just less than 1 month since my last period.  So short, but still in my range of normal...anyway...)  After having issues with the Diva Large the last two? cycles, I'd posted and gotten some good suggestions.  So half asleep, I tried cramming my Diva (inside out so it's shorter) up there.  But it was still squiggly (the top of the cup, instead of popping open to form a circle, was more like a blob/cloud).  So I took it out and tried a different fold.  Same thing.  OH YEAH.  I remember.  I'm checking my cervix.  I'm quite sure it's lower (which makes sense b/c sex was absurdly uncomfortable yesterday...sorry if TMI for some young ladies out there) but have never actually checked (as I'm quite uncomfortable putting my own fingers up there...even when inserting the Diva, much less just poking around the engine to figure things out.  But it's a necessity to figure out why I'm having these issues, so here goes).  I'll admit it takes me a few minutes to figure out what's goign on.  And then it clicks.  My cervix isn't just low.  It's ABSURDLY low.  We're talking absURD-LEY LOW!!!  The tip of my cervix is just about breathing fresh air.  No joke.  At all.  The tip of my cervix is right at the edge of my inner labia.  So...I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to make this work...  And shabam!  So I try inserting the cup (inside out stille, especially now that I know how little room I have to work with today) with barely a crinkle (aka, I couldn't fold it at all otherwise my cervix would be on the outside).  It takes a minute as I have to make sure my whopping cervix is finally contained (aka inside of the cup).  This is the most comfortable I've experienced the Diva thusfar.  Maybe this was my issue all along??? 
Previously, I tried different folds, but no matter what it would leak (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot).  When I walked too much, walked to fast, rode my bike, etc (and I walk/bike to work each day), it would push itself out and I'd rush to the bathroom right away.  Plus, it was uncomfortable.  Sometimes to the point of being painful.  Maybe this was my problem.  It would make sense (be uncomfortable, not hold any blood, "fall" out) if my cervix was on the outside of the cup.  I guess I just never figured it would be that low...  And I know in a few days it'll be much higher up than it is now...
But any suggestions for someone who's like this?
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