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Ortho Diaphraghm wins out over all cups tried!

I found myself using my Ortho All-Flex diaphragm my entire cycle this month. It cost me 50 cents through my insurance plan. I have previously tried and owned the following menstrual cups:
1. Diva cup large
2. Lady cup large
3. Lunette large
4. Lunette small
5. Yuuki small
6. Meluna large soft
7. Mooncup large
8. Instead Soft Cups
9. Fleurcup large

I love menstrual cups and the concept of menstrual cups. The main problem I have ever had with them was them making it more difficult to urinate and I usually resorted to taking them out whenever I visited a bathroom. Sometimes, they would leak if I didn't get it in exactly at the right angle. I have been using cups since 2003. I consider myself an experienced cup user, yet I still had these problems.

For me, at least, the diaphraghm, (I was fitted with the largest size), solved all these problems. I have no problem urinating. It never leaks and I can wear it during sex. It is great. The only time it  "leaks" is when I go to the bathroom to urinate, on the first one or two days of my cycle. I suppose this is a good thing though, since it is getting partially emptied. It does not happen at any other time though. I really feel more secure with a diaphragm since it covers my entire cervix. At my last doctor's appointment, the doctor commented that my cervix was rather large. Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I have finally found my "goldilocks" cup, in the most unlikely of places. I am happy to be part of this community. I suggest everyone who is interested get fitted for a diaphraghm and even if they do not use it as a menstrual cup, consider using it during sex for much, much cleaner period sex. It is a great thing and I am happy to have it. Since my insurance covers yearly gynecological exams, I will probably get a new one yearly, although I would never dream of replacing a menstrual cup yearly. We all know they last much, much longer. Have a great weekend everyone! (I usually tell my gynecologist I am using it for contraceptive purposes, even though I am not, I am not sure if they would fit me for one if they knew I was using it for a menstrual cup!)
Tags: diaphragms & cervical caps, sexual activity
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