aisling2308 (aisling2308) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Inserting menstrual cup

 Hey guys, I just bought a LadyCup (small) at the end of my last period. I am 15, and am fed up of wasting money on tampons. I just started my period yesterday, and tried for the first time to put my LadyCup in. The first time I tried, there was severe pain, and I jerked it out but it was very painful as the cup filled with air. The second time went a little better, and I left the bathroom to come post on this, but as I was sitting down, it felt as if the cup 'popped' or something and I once again had to take it out. I then tried a third time, and it went in fine and it is still in there, however I can kind of feel it. I am also afraid that if I move too much, the same thing that happened the second time may happen again. I use the 'punch-down fold', as I feel it works well, but I do not know if it has opened fully or not. If I stick my finger up, it feels squished, as in the sides are close together, at the bottom. Any advice is much appreciated :) (By the way, I have absolutely no problem inserting Super Tampons, if that information is relevant in any way.)
Tags: first time use, insertion

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