Master of karate and friendship (bearscanfly) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Master of karate and friendship

Keeping track of menstrual loss

Something I've wondered for each of my four cupped periods: how do y'all keep track of your flow? Do you write it down somewhere, perhaps in a notebook in the bathroom? Or maybe you have a spreadsheet on your computer? What details do you keep track of? Or have you been using cups for so long that you just keep a general idea in your mind about how much you're used to losing?

Personally, I have a sticky note-esque app on my phone that I've been using. I write down the date and time of each emptying/reinsertion, as well as an eyeballed amount ("half-way between lines," for example). I also like to add why I emptied it--whether there was a big leak or it was just a routine change. Finally, I jot down how I reinserted it: "punch down fold facing back/right" seems to be my preference. However, I'm looking around to see if there's a way to streamline it. My phone system is okay for now, because I've been working 10-hour days without my laptop and I can always add what I need to, since I always have my phone with me. Ideally I'd like some sort of online calender where I can track spotting (without a cup), my whole period, and cramps that I sometimes get during ovulation.

(I apologize if this has been asked somewhere--I looked around and couldn't find it. I'm also not sure which tags would be most applicable for this question.)
Tags: insertion, removal

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