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Yet another which cup + IUD post

I have this situation, where I've already expelled an IUD due to cup use once, and I really don't want to again, but I can't handle periods without cups.

The story is that I got my first IUD, a Flexi-T 300, in March 2009, had no periods until March 2010 (due to intense fuck-ups from being on NuvaRing for three years), and then was using a large Lunette for most of my periods, which were regular, until I yanked out my IUD in late February 2011. Now, before getting an IUD, I had only one cup, the small Diva I got in October 2005 that was my first cup. I never had any complaints, absolutely loved it, but I had read that Lunettes were better for IUDs due to the large holes and capacity. The large Lunette was extremely difficult to maneuver inside my pussy, though, since with its size there wasn't a lot of room left for multiple fingers to work with any dexterity, and I credit its size with my expulsion--basically, having to yank down hard before breaking the suction, which pulls down the string (Flexi-Ts only have one), and then having to collapse the cup to get it out, trapping the string inside it and pulling it out. I bought a small Lunette over the course of this year as well, since using a large Lunette even on my lighter days seemed unnecessarily abusive to my vag, but I had no luck getting it to sit right and not leak. Somehow it seems my vaginal canal is long enough (and the small Lunette is short/narrow enough) that it permits the cup to tilt pretty severely inside it? I'm not sure, but I tried at least 10 good tries, and never got it to work.

Thus, when I got my new IUD, I retired the Lunette, and attempted to give my IUD the "settling in" period of a few months so often recommended by these LJ communities. However, I had long car rides ahead of me at the end of April, and was bleeding through a sea sponge tampon + large pad within an hour and half, so I started using cups again. I went back to my Diva, figuring that I'd be able to be more careful with it since I was so familiar with removing it, and since it was much narrower than the large Lunette and would allow my fingers to slide up alongside it.

Fellow IUD/cup users, I wrestle with the little shit of a Diva every time I need to empty it, and when I removed it just now, I had a bit of a panic attack because afterwards when I checked my cervix seemed way too hard (plastic T sinking down where it shouldn't?) and the string had definitely been pulled out from behind my cervix, a sign that there was some pretty gnar suction happening. When I empty my Diva, I have to put two fingers in my pussy, pinch the cup between them, almost bend it in half across the middle as I try to break the seal, and then finally pull it down. Half the time (like today) I just can't break the seal before pulling it down partway. I think it's really necessarily when removing with an IUD to break the seal before pulling down, but it is so fucking difficult with this cup.

So, I ask you:

1. Any cup recommendations? Do you think this would be solved by simply buying a new Diva, since the ones manufactured in recent years definitely have bigger holes than the one I bought in 2005? Should I give my small Lunette another shot/anyone have recommendations for getting the stupid thing to work? Any other cups I should try?

2. Any tips for getting the cup's seal to break without pulling it downward, and ideally without requiring two entire fingers up my vag (since those + cup is not super comfortable on a twice daily, not-at-all-turned-on-while-it-happens basis)?

Then again, this all might be moot, since now I'm cramping in a way that feels a hell of a lot more like when I expelled than like my normal period cramps. Fantastic. Not expelling, but with these cramps and my cervix feeling a bit weird, I'm definitely not putting any cup in any time soon :( :(

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