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New to cups!

Hello everyone! So I've recently started to think about getting a cup because I really hate pads and the nasty sweaty feeling you get from them in the summer. So I wanted to ask the kind people in the community about what cup would suit me best for my first one. I'm 18 and a virgin, but I've used dildos before, so inserting things isn't a real problem. My flow in irregular, though. If I have a light period one week, the next one would most likely be heavy for the first two/three days.

I'm looking into a small soft cup, but I have no idea how high my cervix is. When I use dildos, I can stuff five/six inches up there, so does that mean I have a high cervix? I'm not keen to trying it out during my next period, because I don't really want to mess with myself during that time. Not my thing. Also, which cups hold better in your sleep? I've read that some people have theirs leaking because of the way it's positioned when you sleep.

I was looking into a lunette small or maybe a ladycup, but they're a bit expensive for my small college budget. Almost bought a Yuuki on ebay before I read something about how the materials changed to make it stiffer, so I just let it get outbid on.
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