Patricia Braverman-Knope (rhetoricians) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Patricia Braverman-Knope

Hello, all! I preordered and am now the proud owner of  a size 1 Lunette Cynthia. It came with perfect timing, too, because there's starting to be a red tint when I wipe, meaning my period will probably turn up tomorrow.

I have a question: for a soft cup like mine, what seems to be (in your opinion) one of the easiest folds to try out?

I never did a dry run and so I haven't even attempted using it when I'm not menstruating, but I planned on trying to put it in tonight since it's so close.

Does anyone have any tips for the easiest way for insertion to happen? Or anything they wish someone had told them before they first started to use a cup? I have tomorrow off from work so I can sit around and experiment all day if I need to, but it's my hope that I can get it done with minimal angst!
Tags: first time use, insertion - folding methods, lunette
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