A. Han (jmommy123) wrote in menstrual_cups,
A. Han

Obsessed with cups!!

I cannot help it. I now have a Cynthia Lunette, an Purple Lady cup. and a Turqouis Lady cup. (sorry for the misspelling.)  The Purple Lady cup was only $20 bucks on ebay and I just couldn't resist. I paid full price for the other two and I can't wait to try out the Cynthia. On another note, the Lady Cup may be my goldy locks cup! I could get my Diva to work and the hols were starting to tear so I chucked out along with an ill fitting mooncup US. Neither were  working for me.

My Lady Cup was awesome!! (This is my 2nd year of using cups) no leaks, popped open perfectly and formed a seal almost without me having to pull down or twist. It also held more than I thought it would even on my heaviest day!  I just wanted to thank the group for all the advice!

Is anyone out there a cup addict too??
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