celly (unheardcry) wrote in menstrual_cups,

i've been using my divacup for almost 2 years coming up here today and have so far had minimal issues.

but today i went to empty it when i was half asleep this morning, and had a hard time putting it in. i tried to relax but i ended up hurting myself because the cup opened before i had it in. so i pushed it up and went back to sleep. a few hours later i woke up to pee and felt the most horrible stinging pain. think after you havent had sex for a few months and your new dude pounds your vag for an hour. that sort of sting. i didnt really understand what was going on but i figured i may have just hurt myself that morning and didnt think much past that.

i just went pee again and felt the same awful stinging pain, but this time worse! so after i peed i grabbed handy dandy hand mirror and investigated. turns out i have a cut on my right inner labia right outside of my peehole. its basically the width of my fingernail, so i assume this morning while i was having trouble inserting my fingernail got between my inner labia and my cup and pinched it, leaving a pretty good size cut/lesion.

i dont really know what to do. should i put something on it? or just be careful when wiping? should i aim my stream of pee more forward to avoid the discomfort while urinating?

has any of this happened to you guys?

i might cross post to vagpag if i dont feel satisfied with any responses, but i definitely had to post this here first. thanks ladies!
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