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I think I chose the wrong cup. I need serious help

Long story short:  I bought the Diva bigger size.  I had my first child 18 months ago (hence the stage 2) and have always had an uber heavy flow for a few days and then crazy light flow for another 1-3 days.  I didn't used to think my cervix was high, but! 

Okay.  Here are my issues (and I realize that I've only been using the Diva for two cycles now and there's a learning curve, but the issues I'm having are making me already want to go back to disposables...):  a)  I had to cut off the nub b/c it was so uncomfortable.  It feels awkward to have to reach that far inside of me to pull out the cup.  Is the Diva much stiffer than others b/c it's quite hard most of the time to break the suction.  But it also doesn't flare out all the way/pop open all the time, even when I try to turn it when inserting...and it doesn't turn once it's in, so I usually just try to wiggle it.  It feels like it's stretching me out and I can always "feel it" when it's in and rubs pretty roughly around.  I'd be okay with this if it was the only issue.  b)  It leaks.  Sometimes just a little (pantyliner) and sometimes a lot (read: wearing full pad while also having the cup in).  It seems like it's inserted correctly and pops all the way open, but still leaks.  And when I try and take it out, the cup isn't even all the way full (or maybe it's because the suction is so hard-core that I have to almost fold the Diva in half in order to get it out), and then there's blood everywhere.  c)  Every single time I exercise (not even that; sometimes it's just when I'm walking at a medium pace to work...or riding my bike to the store): the Diva cup "pushes itself out."  We're talking:  Whenever I get to where I'm going, I automatically have to go to the bathroom to reinsert.  After the first month, I heard that it might be b/c my muscles are weak, so I did a bunch of Kegels.  But the same thing happened the next month.  I walk to work pretty much every single day (or ride my bike).  It's better for the environment.  It's better for my pocketbook.  It's better for my hard to stay healthy body.  I will not continue to use a cup that causes me to go to the bathroom a half hour after I insert it simply because it doesn't fit right.  It's not like I'm running a marathon and it jiggles out.  We're talking just walking (and walking funny trying to keep my legs together so it doesn't push out). 

I'm considering a Lunette Selene (I'd have to look on my wishlist to make sure that's the correct name, but it was suggested I try the Lunette smaller cup b/c I believe my cervix is lower for reasons that are TMI).  I'm just not sure what to do.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


Preferrably:  I'd like to not have to spend more money, as I really don't have much.  However, I'm more than willing to purchase a different cup if it'll work out better.  I'd want a cup that's comfortable (perhaps I need a cup that's not as stiff), doesn't hurt to take out/put in (read:  with the Diva, it often takes three to four insertions to get it in right...and by that time my woman-business is sore), holds enough that I don't have to change it but once while I'm at work (or preferrably not at all and just while I'm at home, but I could deal with it), and it certainly needs to stay put when I'm walking around.

Another awkward question:  When removing it, how do I do it?  I had to cut off the stem b/c the stem was so painful/uncomfortable (a gal on another board worded it perfectly where she said it feels like a finger constantly sticking out of your vagina, catching on things and rubbing the wrong way).  Now, I have to cram both fingers up there almost to the top to break suction and TRY to pull the cup out without spilling blood everywhere.  a)  This hurts.  My fingers are fat and when you take two fingers and a cup, that's a lot of width up in there.  b)  It just seems like there's got to be a better way.  By the time the cup is out, most of the blood has spilled out into my canal anyway.  It's not only messy at the time of (and UBER embarrassing trying to wipe blood off my fingers before rushing to the sink to wash my hands...much less unsanitary b/c I still need to touch the toilet door handle, etc) but also messy afterwards.  Even if I get the cup back in correctly and have tried to clean up, there's all of that extra blood all the way up and down my woman'business which then leaks out slowly. 
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