Mr. Whippel, his German cousin (ashes_to_roses) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Mr. Whippel, his German cousin


Would shampoo serve well as a soap replacement for cleaning cups? Or something gentle like baby shampoo? If so, it would make packing cup-cleaning accessories a lot more simple for traveling by flight.

I came across this cleaning conundrum when I was staying in a hotel (on my period) and the only soap I had was scented hand sanitiser and perfumed bar soap. Normally, I take my cup out overnight (having it out when I sleep makes me feel I can truly relax and "let go" as it were), washing it with plain soap and water upon removal. Since I didn't have access to store transportation, what I ended up doing was rinsing it with scalding hot water, wiping stray debris with my hands. The bar soap was out of the question since the bar itself smelled funky. I happened to have plenty of shampoo, though. I didn't use it for my little Shropshire during this vacation, but it made me wonder.
Tags: cleaning
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