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heavy flow + narrow vag = squishy cup plz?

I've been using the DivaCup small for almost two years. At first, it was absolutely fantastic-- so much better than tampons! I still love the menstrual cup, but I'm wondering if DivaCup is really the right fit. I have a narrow and fairly short vagina, and the rigidity of the cup tends to push on my vaginal walls when I pop it out. That used to be okay, but in the last year I've had some trauma and my vagina's gone really tense and crampy, on top of my ovarian cyst cramps. So anything going in my vag becomes Not Okay.

I use cloth pads when my body's really freaking out, but I'd like to try a squishier cup and see if it's better. The only thing is, I have a heavy flow, and I tend to leak and overflow even with the Diva Cup, so I don't want a teeny tiny dainty little teacup, just a comforting mug that's not going to make my vag spasm.

I was looking over some of the size/squishiness charts, and I noticed that the Diva is pretty large and pretty rigid (I was really tempted to make a dirty joke there, but I restrained myself) and so I was wondering about some of the others.

One thing is, I live in Montreal, and I'm not set up to buy things online, so I'd have to have one I could buy myself. Or I'd have to suck it up and get a credit card. Eventually I will have to do that.

That is all, goodbye!
Tags: buying decisions

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