Procrastinator Extraordinaire (nightmer) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Procrastinator Extraordinaire

Yeast Worries and Cleaning Methods

So, I ordered a Moon Cup (US) on a whim recently, as I've thought about them for a while, and they were on sale.

But doing research some more, I've come across conflicting thoughts about yeast infections and cups. Some say they don't do anything, some say they make YIs worse, some say better. I get chronic yeast infections as it is, so I'm wondering what the general experiences are.

So, for folks who got YIs before they started cup use, do you think menstrual cups have made them more or less frequent? Or did they make a difference at all?

Also, the Keeper site says to wash with vinegar at most. The Divacup site says not to use bleach (the only thing that seems to be likely to kill yeast spores), alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on cups. Aren't these all commonly used on silicone items? Has anyone had issues with these methods breaking down cups over time (I've seen the memories on ruined cups from too-strong solutions, but what about the average 10%)? I have to be very aggressive with yeast treatment and I don't want to re-introduce spores every cycle.
Tags: cleaning, yeast infections
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