fyrejenn (fyrejenn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Large Lunette, Large Green Donna, Large Yuuki: Capacity

I have a large Lunette. I would like to get a large Yuuki because during some months, the flow is heavier than others and I would like a larger capacity cup for overnight. BUT, I was reading an older post where a couple of commenters said that the large Green Donna has about the same capacity as the large Yuuki, and it is my understanding that the Green Donna is an exact replica of the Lunette. However, I was looking at the comparison charts, and the large Yuuki was listed as having about 5 mL more capacity than the large Lunette... So I'm confused. Does the large Yuuki have 5mL more capacity than the large Lunette? Is it worth my while to get the Yuuki?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, green donna, heavy blood flow, lunette, sizes/size issues, sleeping, yuuki
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