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Mooncup UK night?

 Hi! I've been using my mooncup (Small, UK) for about a year now (can't believe it's been that long :0) and during the day I am in love with but at night time I have terrible problems. I leaks no matter what... although it didn't always, at first it just overflowed when it was full and I was fine with that because I could just wear a pad and it would only be a small amount but it's gotten much worse. .

I put it in the same way as always and I wear a pad but after couple of hours it's already leaking. I usually wake up when this happens because I find when I leak with the cup it's very wet feeling and uncomfortable but there is no point in changing it because that would just mean I'd be up and down to the bathroom every two hours. Now I could handle this but I have this problem (I've always had it but cups seem to make it worse) and it's a bit icky. When I'm lying down a lot of the blood seems to travel up my crack, by-passing the pad and sort of pool in the small of my back. As you can imagine, it's not very pleasant. It would only happen occasionally when using pads alone (if it was quite full or something) but with cups it's almost every night. It is such a pain but I would rather fix it than give up. (Although now I am looking in to cloth pads at night, cup during the day). Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks! :)
Tags: mooncup (uk), sleeping

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