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We Are Starting A Menstrual Cup Charity Fund! Please Share :)

Let’s share the love, friends!  At, we get A LOT of requests for free sample menstrual cups.  Sometimes from people who don't live near an area that sells cups in stores and cannot purchase online, or from people who simply don't have the money right now and want to try one.  We do have giveaways once in a while.  But sadly, we cannot hold giveaways as often as we would like to.  However, if anyone out there has a bit of extra money, and would like to spread the joy by donating, please do so! 

We are setting up a menstrual cup charity fund, and here is the link: Every time we receive enough for a menstrual cup, we will grant one of the sample requests we receive, and send a brand new menstrual cup to someone in need. 

We will start the goal at $500, and if it is reached, we will simply raise it to keep the charity going.  Reaching the goal does not prevent future donations, however.  The charity FundRazr is based on Facebook, so if you have a Facebook account, please share it, and spread the word to any friends who support menstrual cups as well. 

Everyone has the option of donating anonymous, or sharing the amount they gave.  You can also be a supporter.  No amount is too small, and every little bit helps.  If you don't have a facebook, you can share the FundRazr on other pages by copying and pasting this link:

This is the perfect way to give to others, while still supporting the companies, and their private distributors.  Now anyone can be part of the effort.  When someone in need is selected, they will receive the size, brand or color of their choice, among the cups we sell at  Thank you to anyone who is willing to help, either by donating, or simply spreading the word by sharing the FundRazr on their own page! 
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