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Hi everyone! I finished my period already today, my first with my large LadyCup (clear). I am madly in love with cups! Before cups I always hated it when my period was due. I'm a pad user and I bleed pretty heavily so I am very vulnerable to leaks. I have ruined bed sheets, jeans, underwear, even my CAR SEAT with my period. I never imagined having a clean, fuss free period would ever happen in my lifetime, but with my LadyCup its exactly what happened! What I love about using the cup:

1) I can sleep in peace, in whatever position I want without worrying if I'll stain my sheets. I did stain my underwear the first day I had it on, but it was only tiny spots, not floods like how it is with overnight pads.
2) My cramps are much, much lesser. Have no idea why! My cramps can be so heavy that I'll feel like a woman in labor (though I know labor is a lot worse, you get what I mean :) )
3) My period is actually shorter (usually it will last a week, but it ended today, so that's 2 days earlier!)
4) I always need to go buy pads and stash extras in my office drawer, handbag, car, and bring 4-5 packets of it when I have my menses. I love the free space I have in my drawers and bags!

I had a little trouble inserting the cup (C-fold is my best friend, but I need to do a little chant to relax myself, that takes a little time lol), but removal was easy. Cup popped open pretty easily too once its was inside. Cleaning it was easy, a quick rinse and its clean again. It didn't hold much during my heavy days, but 3 hours is still alright compared to 2 hours of the pad and that icky, wet, 'Am I leaking yet?' feeling.

Overall its the best money I ever spent! I raved it to my friend, she was disgusted a little but she thinks its a cool idea. Doubt she will take the plunge though, she's the squeamish type. I don't blame her. Used to be like that, but now I actually like watching my blood in the toilet bowl. I feel extremely in tune with my body, and its liberating. I love myself more for it.

Things that I'm wondering about:

1) The stem. I thought I had a low cervix (that's why I picked the LadyCup, but I was wrong. My cervix was high up there because when I inserted the cup, it happily went deep inside till I can't find the stem if I didn't kegel it out. The stem is bothering me as I feel it rubbing against my labia when I walk. I'm thinking of filing it, but I'm wondering if I should file it or shorten it with scissors or leave it? I'm a runner, and I don't want the stem to rub against me when I run. Does applying lube after insertion help with keeping it from rubbing against me?

2) This 'thudding' feeling I get when its not my heavy days. I don't feel anything when my menses are normal - heavy, but when its light, I feel the cup inside me like a dull thud. It doesn't hurt, it just feels different.

3) Cleaning. I have the clear LadyCup so I can see that its turning yellowish already. I'm trying to leave it under the sun to see if it will help (I read some of the tips in here). I saw that some people have 'clean' cups all the time, some have stains. Does it depend on the brand or the person? Meaning is it because our bloods are all different? I hope I won't stain it again. I want to show the cup to my friends, don't want them to be disgusted and put off entirely by cups.

The only thing that makes me upset is the fact that I spent 14 years having my period without knowing such a thing exist. I wish I had known about it sooner! To think that I had to throw away my fave bed sheets and sell my old car red-faced because of the period stain I have on the driver's seat :(

I'm not really good with tags and looking for tags. Apologizing early in case my questions are repetitive and boring and are already answered in the tags. Forgive me for I am a noob *takes paper bag and hides head in it*

Thank you so much for all the tips you've given me girls! This is the best community in LJ ever :) Lots of love!

UPDATE 19/6/2011

Cleaning issue :- I dried it under the sun, used some baking soda, put it in boiling water and used hydrogen peroxide (Vanish spray on stain remover, it's a famous brand in my country) and it seems to be working. Cup looks all shiny and clear again!
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