coolwaterz (coolwaterz) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup not popping open

So this is my fifth cycle I am now using my cup and I am still having some trouble. I find I am having more and more trouble getting the cup to pop open. I spent 20 minutes with little success. I am using the punch fold method as the other methods have been frustrating for me.

I tried the suggestion of having the cup pop open early on at the entrance. What happens is I can't get it to pop open early on at all. Or if it seems a bit inflated, as I push in further in my vagina if flattens on itself. When the cup is further in, I tried pressing on the rim to let air in to get it to inflate and still nothing. So I kept removing and trying to resert again. I kept trying to angle it differently, but I just end up frustrated and sore. My first two cycles with the cup, I had little or no trouble getting it to pop open, and now it is a struggle. No matter what I do the cup is always dented or folded onto itself. Any suggestions?
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, popping open

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