classeyrn (classeyrn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What Happened??

 I started using my small Lunette Diana a little over a week ago. My cycle is all messed up, and even though I stopped my period last Monday, I got back on it yesterday. That's a totally different topic. I am in the process of trying to correct that. 

Anyway, here's my question. Last week, my cup did not leak at all. It also did not leak all day yesterday or last night. I cleaned and reinserted it this morning, and after a few hours, I noticed I had leaked a little. So I went to the bathroom to double check my seal even though I check it when I first put it in and it was fine. It still felt ok so I left it, but then I had blood all over my hand. So I took it out. There was a little blood inside, but mostly it was just covered in blood on the outside.

So what happened? And how can I keep it from happening again? I have not been able to get it in very deep, so the base of the cup sits right at the entrance every time I use it.
Tags: leakage & spotting
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