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OMG the SMELL!!!!

Okay, first off, I'd like to say that after my first cycle with my very first cup (large Lunette) I am extremely happy with my decision to finally buy one and try it.  Once my body got used to it I literally could not even tell I had it in.  And I had absolutely no leakage issues...yay!!  BUT.....

I had pretty much finished bleeding yesterday and all that was left was the residual dark blood mixed with cervical mucous, so after my shower last night I put it back in and slept in it.  I had intended on taking it out this morning but as it's so comfy now I completely forgot I had it in.  Fast forward to me being at work a few hours later.  I smell something putrid.  Sniff sniff.  I'm wondering where that incredibly foul odor is coming from.  Sniff sniff.'s coming from my vajayjay.  It finally dawned on me that I had forgotten about my cup so I immediately go to the restroom to remove it and wash the funk off.  But my God when I tell you I almost passed out from the funk when I took it out...I'm not kidding.  It was sooooo.....FOUL.  It was like an animal had crawled up inside me and died an incredibly stinky death.

All that was availabe in the restroom was the industrial anti-bacterial soap used in dispensers, so I washed the darned thing for over 10 minutes...rubbing and rubbing and rubbing...and the smell would not go away.  It had defeated me.  Not only that, but the stench had turned my crotch area (panties & pants included) into a lethal weapon should anyone get close enough to me to get a whiff of it (which was not hard to do considering just how strong the odor was).  I sprayed as much FDS into my girl bit area as I could to try to mask the odor and wrapped the cup in wads of paper towels hoping that the smell would dissipate some by the time I got home.

Hours later, it's still as stinky as ever.  OMG, I want to hurl just thinking about it!  I've never had this issue before and I'm almost positive I don't have some sort of infection, so could it be that this incredible stench was caused by leaving my cup in for too long?  I think it was about 16 hours or so.  But my more important question can I get rid of this nasty smell??  I was so happy with it nearly my entire period so I'd hate to not want to use it anymore for this, ummm, STINKY issue!
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