heart_love_girl (heart_love_girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Got my first ladycup!

 Hi everyone :)  This is my first post.  I have been observing the community and people's posts, and I have decided to join.  I am really excited about using my cup, but I have been a little hesitant.
I received my small pink ladycup in the mail a while ago, but I am yet to use it.  I have a couple of questions -  I'm unsure if I should just stick it in without trimming it first. I don't want to ruin it though.  How short would you recommend cutting it?  Also, what fold is the smallest and easiest to use for the first while?  Would the "push down" (on here I think you might call it "punch down" if I'm not mistaken) be a good choice?  I'm just 16 and a virgin.  I have noticed that my hymen is still intact so this might get in the way but I guess it will have to rip :l I'm not sure about that though.  I have used tampons before so I have had stuff up there. 
...I have read that for a Divacup you can't use a water based lube but for a ladycup you can?  Do most people just use water? 

Thank you everyone! sorry for the boatload of questions. 
Tags: first time use, lubricant, virginity

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