thepooloftears (thepooloftears) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Brief Humorous Moment

My younger sister and I went on our very first sister-bonding-vacation trip.  I knew I was due to start my period on our last day of the trip, so I brought along my menstrual cups in one of the *cute* cloth satchels provided by LadyCup.

As I was unpacking my suitcase at our hotel, I turned around and noticed my sister sniffing the satchel.  I giggled as she got a quizzical look on her face and before she opened the satchel I informed her that it held my menstrual cups.

Her face went from "WTF?" to "Oooooooh" and then "Eek" as she slowly placed it back in my suitcase, laughed,  and informed me that she thought it was just a cute satchel of cedar chips to keep my suitcase fresh.

The good news is that this allowed for an awesome dialog about mensrual cups with her!  I don't think I've converted her, but she wasn't disgusted or anything (I expected a bit of a disgusted reaction because she doesn't "do" bodily fluids), just interested in learning about alternative menstrual products.  Yay!

I did tell her I'd post about this on here because I thought it was interesting how conversations about these things start amongst folks.  I don't usually go around talking about my menstrual products with folks unless they bring them up.  Most of my family have reacted negatively to my choices (except for my mother, who cloth diapered me!) because they just can't get past the squick factor.  I'm happy I got to have a nice discussion with my sister and maybe got her thinking about the fact that there are choices out there.
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