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Lunette Vs. Lady Cup??

 I started using my small lunette diana (first cup ever) about a week ago. I am absolutely hooked. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. The only issue I did have was the stem, but off it went. And now I love it so much that I'm starting to worry...what if I lose it, or what if I forget it at home and start my period while I'm out? So I want to buy another cup so I will have a backup in case anything happens to my cup and so I can keep one in my car so it will always be with me. Heaven forbid I'm left without it and someone offers me one of those horrible tampons again. I did a lot of research to begin with, and came down to lunette or lady cup, but ultimately decided on lunette. Now I'm wondering if I should stick with what I know or venture out a little. So I would like some insight as to the similarities and differences between the brands, and maybe some reviews from people who have used both, or even from someone who has used only lady cup.

The following are the things I think I might like about the lady cup:
Variety of colors with cute matching bags (Yes, unbelievably shallow but I'm in love with these things and would like for them to be aesthetically pleasing)
The round stem as opposed to the flat stem (I'm wondering if that shape might be more comfortable)
The smaller size (for my first and last day as well as the days after when I'm spotting little enough to call it a period but plenty enough to ruin cute underwear)
The price (only a few dollars cheaper but every bit counts)

Any info or thoughts will be helpful. thanks!!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lady cup, lunette
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