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Cup use during hospitalizations/surgeries?

Greetings Everyone,
Okay, deep thoughts for a Sunday morning...(New-ish baby, not much sleep, halfway through my coffee...)

I was just curious what other cup users did/recommended for when you have your period, are using a cup, and maybe are hospitalized or are scheduled for a surgery.  I'm scheduled for a minor surgery next month that will be outpatient and should be exactly when af is here.  I don't think it'll be an issue for me as I'll be in and out within a few hours and can empty before and after.

However, it did get me thinking about what would someone do if this was your menstrual route of choice and you had to be an inpatient--even more so, what if your reason for being inpatient required assistance with removal/reinsertion of your cup?  Has anyone ever been through this?  How helpful were hospital staff or receptive to this method?

Conventional thinking tells me they'd want you to just go to pads or some such thing during your stay so they could easily help you.  I've had two babies in a hosptial, (one with a horrible hemorrhage) and am familiar with the drill of assisance with changing some pretty gnarley post partum pads.  Cups weren't applicable in that situation, but still, has anyone ever been through this?

Happy Trails!


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