Cyntilla (cyntilla) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Me and Fleurcup: a love story

As the title says...

I've been a cup user for exactly a year and I thought I should share the experience with you all.
The learning curve is one helluva thing, but eventually will be over and you'll enjoy your cup-time even more! Some months are a dream: almost no pain, no leaking or even spotting. Some months are a nightmare. But in the end there's no way I'm going back to regular/disposable pads after my cup experience!
The only down side for me is that being cups so comfy, they make me forget about my period and it always catches me off balance, rushing to the kitchen for an hasty cup-boiling time. XD

Finding your Goldilocks cup might be difficult too, but it's definitely worth trying a couple of shots at it. Having said so, I hereby declare my eternal love for the L-size Fleurcup and I'm sure we'll be together forever. XD 

In the end... Don't give up on cups! They really are a girl's best friends! <3
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