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Aunt Red is delaying her visit!

I'm really anxious to get my period asap so I can try out my large Lady Cup. I'm currently using cloth pantyliners instead of disposable liners, and I am in love! However I really want my period to come by now so I'd obsessively check for any stains every chance that I get. I noticed though, that usually after spotting, I'd start wearing a disposable pad and my period will come all high and mighty. But with cloth liners, it spotted for a bit, then it sorta decided 'Nah, I'll come another time'. I'm guessing it's because disposables 'suck out' dear Aunt Red into coming to visit earlier than naturally expected of her. MAYBE. Yuck. Loving how cloth liners regulate my cycle but I'm a little disappointed Aunt Red is not here yet.

Anyway, just a few curious questions:

1) Has anyone decided that after using the cup and cloth pads, you decided to stick with pads instead of cups? Any reason why?
2) Does everyone start using their cups on the very first day of your periods or a little later when the blood is coming out more? In my experience, I usually start to steadily bleed on the 2nd day, so since I'm a little on the dry side, I'm thinking that I should probably start wearing the cup on my 2nd day and just wear liners on the first day.
3) How do you guys tell your friends about cups and cloth pads without grossing them out? I really want to share my love for them when I've tried them both, and I'd like to share them with my besties without them thinking that I'm a 'dirty hippie freak' LOL. Do you just go 'Did you know that I am now ditching reusable pads?'.

UPDATE - 13/6/2011

My period finally came! It took me a whole day of trying but I finally did it! I'm so amazed at how it feels..like I'm not having my period. The stem is bugging me a little bit, but kegel-ing is helping me reposition it. I'm wearing my cloth liner just in case it leaks. So far I don't see any leaks at all though its actually 'heavy flow' time for me right now. Excellent! Hope I can remove it fuss free too.

Thank you so much for all your tips! I just want to give everyone a big fat hug right now :')
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