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Yuuki: customer service thumbs up, design change?

I wanted to share my recent experience with Yuuki's customer service, which has resulted in a question about Yuuki's design.

A year ago, I got into cups, bought a small Yuuki, and made a gigantic post with tons of pictures about it. After maybe 7 cycles of use (I bought other cups and used those too- I couldn't help myself), I noticed that two of the holes had developed tears. It was very disappointing, because when I first got the cup, I thought it might have been prone to tears due to the uneven way the holes were punched. Sadly, I was right. I contacted Yuuki, got a reply a day or two later when they asked for pictures. I sent the pictures, and a week later, they asked for my address so they could send me a new cup. Excellent service all around, quick responses, and it was nice of them to replace the cup.

Now for the question. When I got the cup, the first thing I thought, before even opening the bag it came in, was how freaking stiff the cup felt. The cup they sent me is very different from the cup I bought from them last year. It's thicker all around, and the holes, which I thought were tiny on the original, are even tinier. Seriously, a needle is thicker. The grip rings are rounded now instead of the tapering to a point. I liked the old grip rings (even though I could feel them on my light days), but the new grip rings are the only change I don't mind about the new one. The new cup is actually a couple mm shorter than the old one. So (long winded build-up, lol), to anyone who has bought a small Yuuki recently, is your cup like this? If so, when did they change the design? They got rid of what made the cup so awesome for me, and I don't think I'll return to using the Yuuki like I thought I would.

This is the new cup next to my old one (forgive its stains, please).

The new cup seems a tad smaller overall than the old cup. It is most definitely shorter, and it feels thicker. It's not as transparent, and the measuring lines are closer together.

Mostly, the change I can't get over is how stiff it is. Even the stem is stiffer. I dug out my stiff cups (small Fleurcup and small Meluna classic), and the new Yuuki is definitely stiffer than either of them (though not by much).

This is squish comparison of the two Yuukis. The new on is on top.

I compared it to the Fleurcup here.

I almost wish I had a Keeper to compare it with. Just to see.

The new cup is inferior to the old in every way possible (for me. If you like stiff cups, it's an improvement). Well, no, the holes seem much more evenly punched through this time around. But that's it. =/

UPDATE: For the sizecharts:

Total length: 69 mm
Stem length: 20 mm
-> Cup length: 49 mm
Outer diameter: 40mm
Inner diameterL 30 mm
Capacity to the holes: ~20 ml
Capacity to the brim: ~25 ml

One last thing totally unrelated to this post. There hasn't been any user pics of cups for a while now. The Cynthia cup is out, but where are the pics? (Official ones don't count.) I propose a Menstrual Cup Picspam Post to post pictures of your cup(s)- portraits, silly ones, groups, anything. NOT HERE though, don't wanna disrupt the discussion. I'd make a new post for that. Y/N?
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