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Brand new...having issues with my Lunette

Hi everyone,

I'm a 33 y/o female, sexually active with no children.  After lurking through these boards for some time now, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a large Lunette.  I chose this particular one because of all the great reviews, as well as the capacity and ease of removal.  This is my very first cup, as I had primariy been a pad user (tampons always sat too low for comfort thanks to my low cervix).  I'm currently on my first day of using it and it's my first day on my period as well.  At this point, the excitement has started wearing away because I'm getting frustrated by a couple of things and I was hoping to get some feedback on making my cup more comfortable to wear...or at least hear that the issues I'm having will eventually go away.

First of all, I have no pain upon insertion or removal.  Slightly uncomfortable, yes.  Painful, no.  I've already cut the stem off completely because since my cervix sits so low, it was sticking out completely and bothered me a great deal.  Since trimming it, I'm no longer having that issue.  However, when it's in, I often feel like I have to urinate, yet I can't.  Is this normal?  Will this sensation go away?

Secondly, my biggest issue is that when I'm walking about, I am *very* aware it's in there.  It's hard to describe, but it almost feels like I have a bubble inside my vagina that is moving around slightly and I need to squeeze my pelvic muscles to try to pop it or push it out!  I would sometimes feel this same sensation when I had a tampon in that was full.  I've tried pushing it up further, but it's up as far as it'll go.  Will this always feel this way, or will my body eventually get used to it? 

These are really the only issues I'm having.  I haven't had any leakage issues, and the cup opens up easily for me, but I'm having a very hard time imagining using this cup much longer knowing that I'll always feel it and be bothered by that feeling.  If any of you more seasoned cup users can let me know if this will eventually go away I'd feel much better! 
Tags: first time use, lunette, teething troubles, urination
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