hiimkaren (hiimkaren) wrote in menstrual_cups,

newbie hi

hi all
just thought id join and share my experience..... i first saw ad about menstrual cups years ago and at the time thought how gross it sounded!!! few years later after 4 kids and having my implanon removed i had very heavy periods and was going through tons of towels a day i found myself here reading up on gross cups convincing myself to buy one now having used it for 2 cycles I LOVE MY CUP!!!!! its the best thing ever i dont dread my monthlys anymore lol
can any one tell me where i can buy a yuuki i want a large on as i have been havin some leakin ive been using a green donna that i got on ebay which was advertised as a mooncup lol it is great for lighter days but need more capacity!

Tags: first time use, success stories, where to buy, yuuki
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