coby (crow_blood) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Back Pain

Hey everyone,
I've been using a divacup for maybe 5 cycles? or so, but usually I take it out before I pee, because it just feels more difficult.  Well, my newest cycle started yesterday (I think? or the day before) and I've been leaving the cup in all day, taking it out, cleaning and inserting before I go to bed.  I have noticed that peeing is a little strange, it must be pressing against my bladder because peeing takes longer.  
But, yesterday (or was it today, sorry, I have a terrible memory), I felt a pain in my lower back (near , on the right side, a kind-of dull, but still quite painful pain (nothing like cramps).  The first time it happened I ignored it, and it went away.  But I felt it again tonight, and decided to take my cup out.  I don't have it in right now, and  I can still feel it kind of now, but very faintly and it's almost gone.  
Does anyone have a clue what this could be?  
Tags: divacup
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