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First Use

 Alright, after much lurking on this site and research I decided upon a small lunette selene. I am 15 and a virgin. I got my period yesterday but didn't receive my cup from the mail until today. So after thoroughly washing, I inserted for the first time. Insertion was surprisingly easy, it took me a couple tries but got it in without getting cramped fingers ;D (punch down fold). I could not feel the cup at all but the stem poked out a little and that irritated me a bit. I left it in for about an hour and a half and then went to remove it. Removal wasn't horrible, i got a grip easily (probably because my cup was so low) but it was quite painful taking it out. There was a decent amount of blood in the cup with no leaking besides some residual slobber (sorry for TMI), so I am assuming I had it in at the right angle. I did spill a little when removing, but that comes with practice I guess. When inserting it again I had a bit of trouble so I attempted the 7 fold... BAD IDEA. It got stuck in sideways and poking every which way. Trying to get it out wasn't the easiest with my longer nails, but I kept calm and managed to remove it, with pain. (Thank you for posting so many tips on what to do in these situations!) I waited a few minutes, took a deep breath and tried again using punch down fold. I got it in fairly easy, and it popped open with ease. Once in, I started turning the cup upwards to lock the seal and get it higher. The stem is still poking out a bit though, and it's slightly uncomfortable. I kept trying to push it higher but it wouldn't go up. I've tried finding my cervix and it seems I can't reach it, even on my period! Maybe I'm just not looking right and I also have small hands/fingers so i don't know if it's just really high or what. But I don't want to cut my stem yet until I see if I can get it higher, will it climb higher on it's own if it needs to? Are there any other ways I can get my cup up just a little farther so my stem doesn't stick out? Also, is there anyway to make removal easier? It starts hurting when the rim gets near the entrance and out because it is fully open. Will my body get used to this and make it no longer painful? Thanks everyone! :) 
Tags: first time use, lunette, removal, virginity

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