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Insertion Issues

 I got my first cup in the mail yesterday. I had hoped to have some dry practice with it before my period. Unfortunately, my current birth control likes to give me a mid-month period, so it's go time. But I'm having issues with the cup. I tried inserting it sitting, squatting, and standing with a leg propped up. Tried the c-fold, s-fold, double 7 fold, punch-down fold, and squiggly fold. With all of them, I get the cup in, but it pops open too early and forms an immediate suction. Then I can't get it any higher. The base of the cup is sitting right inside the entrance, and the stem protrudes out. When I take it out to try again, I have a difficult time breaking the seal and it's painful. I was able to feel it, and it was awkward, but not painful. Now that I have had it in about 10 minutes, I can't feel it. It's just awkward knowing it's too low and the stem is sticking out. Any tips??

In case any of the following information is helpful: I am using a small lunette diana. This is my first cup. I have a light flow, and my mid-month period is especially light. I'm 22. I'm used to using tampons and do fine with those. If you need any more info let me know. Thank you!!
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