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I'm a longtime member of the community who hasn't posted in.... a way long time. I've been busy with graduating college and moving cross country for my new job. I'm 24, have a copper IUD (the kind that makes your period heavier and crampier than normal--fun!) and have been using cups for probably a couple years now.

I recently purchased a Miacup and even though it's one of the more expensive cups, it is totally worth it. I really wanted a "narrow-bodied" shape cup because those are the only kind that help alleviate my cramps. "Hoop skirt" cups do nothing for my horrible cramps. The Miacup (larger size) is the first cup I've had that has enough capacity that it won't overflow in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping *and* that's good for cramps.

However, it is a bit big and is not one of the softer cups, so it presses on my bladder a lot which gets uncomfortable. So I've decided to use this cup just at night to prevent unsightly accidents (so tired of having to wash blood stains out of sheets... stupid heavy periods) and during the day I use Femmecup, which is super soft although unfortunately a lot smaller and lower capacity.

Hopefully now I can stop buying a new cup every 6 months, partly out of obsession and partly out of trying to find that perfect one.
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