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Hello there!

I've been lurking here a bit checking things out, and finally settled on a Diva cup2 for the length. I can't reach my cervix when I try during my period. It worked well when I wore it today, but I was looking at the size charts again wondering if I shouldn't have gone with a cup with more capacity. I tend to bleed heavy and irregularly (PCOS). Is there a cup as long as the Diva cup but with more capacity? And maybe softer/squishier at the same time? I'm kind of wondering about the MeLuna...

Um, also is it advisable to snip the stem off completely? I noticed when it was in and I was bearing down to get it down for a better grip, the stem rubbed and made a sore spot just inside my vagina. It also took me a few tries to break the seal. I think that's in an okay range for the first time, but has anyone else had a hard time breaking the seal on their Diva? Is it because the Diva's a firmer cup?

I thought I'd read enough that all my questions were answered, but apparently not... I want to say thank you for this community, and that it is awesome. Everyone of you rock! <3

FYI: using cloth pads, used Instead soft cups before buying the Diva. Oh, over 30, too.

Edit: I'm going to wait a few cycles before considering altering anything on the cup. A few months of learning (slow observer and learner, here) won't hurt, and I take forever to make decisions anyway. I think the greatest hurdle will be dealing with the slippery factor when trying to pull it out.

Thank you!
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